About Us

    Henan xingheng medical products co., LTD., founded in 2015, is located in the west section of huaxia avenue, industrial cluster district, xiayi county, henan province.

    It is a specialized company integrating medical equipment, automation equipment creation and international trade service, mainly engaged in exporting medical consumables of type ii and type iii.

The company has been adhering to the concept of "science and technology leading, customer first". It has signed with shenzhen qianshanli enterprise co., ltd. to cooperate with the team, share resources, several sets of packing equipment for TCL TV manufacturers and three sets of tencent logistics automation warehousing equipment. It has several patents. In addition, it has established resource sharing with the r&d department of the automation professional school. We focus on the electronic r&d of new products, strictly control the quality of production technology, take professional services as the fundamental customer interests as the center, let customers rest assured for the purpose, service in the medical and health industry, enterprise scale operation, take science and technology as the power, look forward to the future with innovation, as the people's medical cause. The company adheres to the business principle of win-win cooperation and honesty first, and creates more value and better service for distributors and medical customers!

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